The prize money will be over 2 million!32 years old female international soccer player 10 years of sharpening sword, parents: for football no time to love

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The Chinese Women’s football team won the Asian Cup and won 9 championships, 6 of which are related to Shui Qingxia. She helped the team win 5 championships as a player and 1 championship as a coach, making her the undefeated champion of the Asian Cup.This is the first time they have helped the Chinese women’s soccer team win a championship in an international tournament. Wang Shanshan, as the captain and veteran player, has witnessed the ups and downs of the Chinese women’s soccer team in the past decade.Wang Shanshan, 32, was promoted to the Chinese women’s national team in 2012 and quickly became a popular female player. With her excellent physique and superb shooting skills, she has become the main center of the Chinese women’s national team.After entering the age of 30, Wang Shanshan continued to insist on, in the absence of the core of the defensive line is also the captain wu Haiyan as the captain of the field, from the Olympic Games, Wu Haiyan was injured for many games, until the current Asian Women’s Football Cup, therefore, Wang Shanshan is basically wearing the captain armband of the Chinese women’s football team in the last year.Whether Jia Xiuquan or Shui Qingxia, are very clear about the role of Wang Shanshan, strong mental attributes, comprehensive field ability, almost covering the entire lineup of the axis, can attack good defense, known as the Chinese women’s soccer version of Beckenbauer.In the Asian Women’s Cup, Wang Shanshan played the center position at the beginning and played the fulcrum role. She played the center position in the first four games, helping the team to score five goals in four matches successively, including 4-0 Chinese Taipei, 7-0 Iran, 3-1 Vietnam, and 2-2 Japan (4-3 on penalties).In the Asian Cup final, Shui Qingxia again arranged Wang Shanshan in the central defender position, the front court to Wang Shuang and Tang Jiali, but Wang Shuang couldn’t play a role because of injury, China women’s football team was 2-0 down in the first half;In the second half, ShuiQingXia madrigal, strengthens the attack, removed the king frost, change Zhang Linyan, XiaoYuYi, Richard c.haskelli, vian offensive talent show, scored from 1 in Tang Jiali and Zhang Linyan successively, help China women’s 2-2 after to equalise, vian out on 90 + 3 minutes to beat assists, straight to help XiaoYuYi fire inserted before the box is complete,The Chinese women’s football team defeated the South Korean women’s football team 3-2 to complete the title.After winning, Wang was awarded the tournament MVP.Now, Wang Shanshan has been with the team entry, is currently under centralized quarantine observation, during the quarantine, the Chinese women’s football team will carry out closed training.The Chinese women’s soccer team has been widely praised for bringing warmth to the country’s soccer winter and winning the Asian Cup after 16 years.According to the latest official propaganda message, vian hometown luoyang city and henan province sports bureau jointly send prize, 1 million yuan reward vian, vian I am focused on the isolation, so by her family to receive, awards, vian parents’s speech, said vian success cannot leave home support, looking forward to her again for his country.As the bonus of the Chinese women’s football team can exceed 30 million yuan, including the bonus of 23 million yuan given by two enterprises, the prize money provided by the Asian Football Confederation, and the bonus given by the Football Association. It is reported that the prize money given by the Asian Football Confederation is 1 million dollars, and the bonus of 10 million yuan given by the Football Association.As a result, Wang can get at least 1 million yuan in the team bonus distribution, and her personal bonus total will exceed 2 million yuan.Wang shanshan’s success was due to her own hard work. Her parents revealed in an interview that She was too busy playing football to have time for a relationship and is still single at 32.It can be seen that Wang Shanshan really loves football and maintains a pure mentality of the kicker, which forms a great contrast with the men’s football players.