Zhou Junwu: A single spark of innovation can start a prairie fire

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Editor’s note: In order to promote the spirit of scientists in the new era, stimulate innovation vitality, show innovation style, strengthen innovation confidence, and enhance the sense of responsibility, achievement, honor and belonging of enterprise science and technology workers, the Association for Science and Technology of The Autonomous Region organized the promotion activity of 2021 “Science and Innovation China” Enterprise Innovation Talents (Guangxi Station).All municipal science and technology associations and autonomous region enterprises (parks) actively participated in the project. After a step-by-step screening and evaluation, a total of 100 science and technology workers were awarded the title of “Innovation Talent” of Guangxi Enterprises in 2021.Now launched “guangxi enterprises’ innovation talent ‘story every week is” theme activities, will be a group of outstanding enterprises in guangxi “creative talent” personal innovation story appears, showing enterprise of science and technology workers grindstone, strive to innovation at the elegant demeanour, vigorously promote positive progress and outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology, build the whole society good innovation atmosphere,Stimulate the innovation and creativity of science and technology workers.Zhou Junwu, deputy secretary general of Dongfeng Liu Automobile Science and Technology Association and head of the advanced Technology Department of passenger vehicle Technology Center, has participated in and won the first prize of The Guangxi Division of China Innovation Method Competition for two consecutive years, ranked first in 2021 “Science and Innovation China” Guangxi Enterprise Innovation Talent competition, and entered the publicity group of “Guangxi Enterprise Innovation Talent”.However, in the eyes of Zhou Junwu, he is just an ordinary R&D technician with entrepreneurial spirit.Zhou Junwu required himself: not only should he have the technical research spirit of “scientist”, but also the organizing and planning ability of “entrepreneur”, and he should become a compound talent in the new era.Just like liuzhou, the shanshui industrial city where Zhou Junwu is located, shanshui city has the strongest industry and the most beautiful landscape.The city gave birth to the dongfeng liu steam such an pioneer “, “the innovation quality of the enterprise, the innovation quality impression has been etched deeply in Zhou Junwu, let Zhou Junwu such a ordinary employees, can grow up to be the” spark “of enterprise innovation, the introduction and development of company TRIZ innovation methods, to promote technology innovation to form” a prairie fire “.To create an atmosphere of innovation, the starting point of innovation is atmosphere, and to create a strong atmosphere of innovation is a favorable path to encourage scientific and technological workers in the front line of enterprises to actively participate in the cause of innovation.In order to inspire colleagues’ enthusiasm for scientific and technological innovation, Zhou Junwu participated in organizing the company’s first scientific and technological Innovation Week in 2020 and introduced the “TRIZ Technical Innovation Forum”.In the first Science and technology Innovation Week of the company, more than 70 industry leaders and experts were invited to hold 65 technology presentations, 10 technology forums, and more than 70 innovative exhibits. The atmosphere of science and technology and innovation lingers in every corner of the company.According to incomplete statistics, a total of more than 500 people participated in the event, which depicted an interesting “picture” of the dialogue between people and technology, cars and the future.On zhou Junwu’s way of exploring innovative methods, he found that innovation is neither a wild and unimaginative head, nor an ascetic monk trying out thousands of possibilities one by one. Innovation is the utilization and re-creation of contradictions in the material world, which has its rules and methods.Altshuller, a former Soviet inventor, led more than 1,500 experts to research, refine and reorganize millions of patent documents for more than 50 years and establish a set of theoretical method system to solve invention problems — TRIZ.As a basic innovation methodology, this method theory has been applied in aerospace, rail transit and other fields in China with remarkable achievements.Innovation method is the fundamental source of independent innovation.In recent years, Zhou Junwu has taken an active part in the “Guangxi Division of China Innovation Method Competition” led by Guangxi Association for Science and Technology, insisting on enhancing his independent innovation ability by promoting learning through competition and promoting application through learning.In 2020, Zhou Junwu led his team to devote himself into the ocean of studying TRIZ innovation theory system hard, creating an innovative atmosphere, helping cultivate innovative talents, helping enterprises solve practical production problems, and seizing the opportunity of the competition, leading his team to compete with 1320 enterprises and 3336 projects from 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.God rewards those who work hard, Zhou junwu’s team won the first prize of the Guangxi competition, and finally entered the national finals to win the prize of excellence.In 2021, with the support of leaders at all levels of the company, Zhou Junwu promoted in-depth training on innovative methods of the company, which opened up new ideas for technical personnel to solve engineering problems by using TRIZ innovative methods.Organized the team to participate in the China Innovation Method Competition and won three first prizes, three second prizes and one third prize in Guangxi.Innovation should not only have “ideas” and “methods”, but also have the technical ability to put ideas into practice.For “get wet umbrellas on a rainy day in and out of the door is” pain points of scene, Zhou Junwu team open innovative thinking, bold painted “on a rainy day, the mobile phone a key called car, and vehicle speed automatic driving to your side, folded block rain device automatically open, welcome you to enter the car” future scenarios, provides an innovative idea for project development.Later, in order to put the idea into practice, Zhou Junwu’s team repeatedly overturned and rebuilt, and finally developed “a European wing rain shelter device that can automatically open and fold”. Meanwhile, a series of technical pre-research work was carried out in combination with the “One-button parking automatic driving project”.Zhou Junwu led the team to develop the creative technology project to catch up with the success and improve the ability of automotive chip application technology. The joy of the successful breakthrough of technology and the successful implementation of the project gave Zhou Junwu more momentum. Zhou Junwu decided to follow up closely and make contributions to solve the problems of the enterprise based on the needs of the enterprise.As is known to all, China has towards the era of “software defined car”, represented by automated driving technology of five new technology, the ability of independent core technology demand is higher and higher, and the outbreak spread, technological blockade and growing trade protectionism, chip shortage of key components such as resources, are profound impacts on the development of the auto industry.Chip localization work ahead for positive, Zhou Junwu lead department staff primarily established “embedded software and hardware platform design capability, has formed a” passenger car chip application technology professional team, with core road communications, horizon, Shanghai haisi, core, infineon, stmicroelectronics to carry out technical exchanges.According to the resources of each chip company, the resource bank of chip application technology is preliminarily established.The ability to continuously enhance the technical team, lead the team in “the first Chinese car chip rally” final dares to strong-arm reaction, own development team of “multiple scenarios atmosphere light music rhythm system scheme based on IS32FL3237 chip” project fierce competition through the expert, obtain 20000 yuan development fee, currently scheduled for prototype development independently.Zhou Junwu (fourth from the left) led his team to win the first prize in the regional competition of 2020 China Innovation Method Competition. Attaching importance to patents and carrying out forward-looking layout innovation of technological achievements, the results may not be applied into the enterprise’s products immediately due to the current technological level, but will certainly improve the competitiveness of the enterprise in the near future.Therefore, Zhou Junwu led his team to carry out technological development of innovative ideas and attach importance to the layout of patents.For example, Zhou Junwu was able to combine the innovation of “Zero-energy intelligent photovoltaic device”, which won the prize in China Innovation Method Competition in 2021, with photovoltaic technology and chip application technology, and successfully set up a project to carry out “multi-functional vehicle photovoltaic device technology”, which will carry out technological reserve development for the improvement of the competitiveness of future models.Zhou Junwu led the team to achieve the patent KPI of the Pioneer Technology Department in 2021 to achieve the goal of Challenge 2 through innovation, adding 14 patents and 1 software copyright, and the per capita patent acceptance rate of the Pioneer Technology Department was 115%.There is a long way to go in the road of innovation, and the harvest of innovation results will also become the strength of Zhou Junwu. In the future, Zhou Junwu will still open up a new road to help the company’s innovation and transformation development.Author | Guangxi Association of Enterprise Science and Technology | Lin Yonglu | Yu Xionghou | Editor | Luo Guoliang | Lin Yin | Huang Xianghao | Final | Wei Xu original title: Zhou Junwu: Spark of Innovation can start a Prairie Fire