Suining couple’s wedding scene, a bridesmaid stole the spotlight, relatives feel the same: handsome

2022-05-27 0 By

Suining, Sichuan province, a couple held a wedding, but the appearance of a person, attracted the attention of the Internet, in the wedding group photo, a bridesmaid attracted everyone’s attention, to describe the bride should not be graceful, but handsome.Why do you say that?Take a closer look at the bridesmaid standing on the right of the bride in the photo. Is she a little macho? Is this brother on the wrong set?The truth of the matter is that the wedding bridesmaids are not enough, the bride pulled her male bestie to her number, did not expect the male bestie also agreed, really did not expect, can also have this kind of operation?This male bridesmaid standing beside the bride, and did not appear so abrupt, temperament can also support, feel he is the C in the photo, then look at the male bridesmaid comely expression, next to the bride have to suppress a smile.What do you think of the bridesmaid?# # in suining