Recently, Japan has brought another investor to TSMC!America’s pie has yet to be cashed in

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The “subsidy pie” drawn by the United States for TSMC to build a chip factory has not been realized, and Japan has drawn an investor for TSMC.On February 15, the media reported that Denso, a Major Japanese auto parts manufacturer, is expected to become the financing partner of TSMC’s chip plant in Japan, and will also become a customer of TSMC’s chip plant.By investing in SONY and TSMC chip plants, Denso may be able to secure a “VIP channel” for semiconductor procurement in the future.TSMC invested $7 billion (44.4 billion yuan) in the Japanese plant in November 2021 and will start production in 2024. It will initially produce 22-28 nm chips with a capacity of 45,000 a month.SONY, the Japanese giant, took a stake of no more than 20% for a mere $500m.On February 4th America’s House of Representatives passed the Competition Act, which includes $52 billion worth of subsidies for the chip industry.However, TSMC is already building a chip plant in the US.In addition to TSMC, the chip subsidies will be split between South Korean giant Samsung and Us company Intel.Intel has long regarded TSMC as a “thorn in the side” and has repeatedly called on the US government to remember to save subsidies for its own people.For TSMC, there are many more advantages to building a factory in Japan than in the US.The semiconductor industry in East Asia, where Japan is located, is more integrated than in the U.S., except for the Japanese government and companies’ willingness to contribute generously.That means it is much easier for TSMC’s factories to open and ship parts than those in the US.Earlier, there was news that TSMC had to call on friends and some parts suppliers to start work in the United States to build a factory in the United States.Article | Liao Li thought questions | Zeng Yi umpire | Liao Li thought