1-0!Narrow victory!The winner in the 93rd minute, set up by Messi and scored by Kylian Mbappe, gave Paris its fourth straight win

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Rennes beat Greater Paris 2-0 in the first leg of the Japanese league on February 12, Beijing time.By the end of this round, Grand Paris accumulated 56 points at the top of the league, 13 points ahead of Marseille behind, Rennes accumulated 37 points ranked the fifth league!Players, Messi, Mbappe starting, Neymar injury missing, di Maria substitute;In the 12th minute of the first half, Majer’s long-range shot was cleared by the defenders, and Then Rennes crossed from a corner, santamaria headed wide of the baseline;The 16th minute, Simmons outside the instep shot was blocked by the defense;In 34 minutes, Mbappe took the ball on the left side of the long shot cut wide of the baseline;In the 39th minute, Mbappe’s long-range shot hit the post, simons’ empty net was cleared;Mbappe shook his head in regret, Messi looked solemn and some fans in the PARC des Princes stadium even left the field early.In the second half, 56 minutes, Brino on the edge of the penalty area, the left foot shot was touched by Velati bottom line;In the 62nd minute, Mbappe shot from a tight Angle over the bar;In the 65th minute, Messi’s straight tap, Mbappe anti-offside into the penalty area, past the goalkeeper after the push of the goal, the linesman flag for offside, the goal was disallowed.Grande Paris took a 1-0 lead in stoppage time when Messi broke on to a diagonal pass and Mbappe’s right-foot drive hit the post before bouncing into the net.Finally, Greater Paris won the game 1-0, to win the league 4 in a row.Paris starters: 1- Navas, 2- Ashraf, 3- Kimpumbe, 5- Marchinios, 14- Bernert, 6- Veratti, 8- Paredes, 23- Draxler, 34- Simmons, 30- Messi, 7- Mbapperane:40- Alemda, 6- Agild, 23- Omari, 25- Merlin, 27- Hamari Traore, 8- Santamaria, 14- Brino, 21- Mayer, 28- Martin, 7- Trier, 24- Lapold